Night Golf

Night time golf is the perfect addition to any country club or golf course. Night Golf Tournaments are great for office parties, ideal twist to a bachelor party, or a charity and fundraising event.

The fact that there are twice as many night time hours as there are day time, makes the night golf the perfect addition to any golf course or country club.

Organize a night golf tournament for fundraising or just for fun, and leave the job to us. Night Golf is also great for people who find it hard to fit their golfing time into their busy business schedule. You can keep playing all night long.

Night Golf Tournaments are perfect for office parties, outings, team buildings and fundraising events. With night golf services from, you can play your favorite sport in an ideal twist to a bachelor party or charity event, night time golf events are a great opportunity for golf lovers to get together after dusk for a little night time fun!

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