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PC repair at your place

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Web design

We are a willing and able team of web designers, developers and marketers making digital work for businesses. We can produce responsive websites giving your viewer the ultimate online experience. We design and build websites from start to finish offering you the complete creative package for your brand.

We work with many different types of businesses from Sole Traders and Start Up Businesses through to large global organizations, so we can tailor our packages to suit your needs.

We are a complete Creative and Digital Design Studio with an outstanding reputation for quality, bespoke designs across all digital and printed media platforms – including eCommerce web design.

Let’s make something great together!

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Creative website designs are what make each website stand out among others, the movement, color, shapes. We use our creative designs to create attention that grab people and say, “Hey check me out” to build that customer base you have been looking for and sell your product.
A Responsive website that is optimized across a range of devices such as desktops computers, tablets and mobile phones provides a better viewing experience through easy navigation and reading, thus increasing more customers and viewing. One website designed for all devices.

Our services:

new basic site

existing site remodeling

existing site smaller changes

graphics, photos, banners

slide show

own text added later by customer

text upload provided by the customer

text written by us (per page)

member registration

discussion forum

google map integration

contact form

site search engine

e-commerce (per page)

database shop cart

credit card processing

PayPal processing

photo gallery

manage users

responsive site creation

online store

SEO optimization

meta tag optimization

search engine submission

Twiter integration

Facebook integration

YouTube Channel integration

Google+ integration

LinkedIn integration

Facebook page setup

Google+ page setup

Twitter setup

LinkedIn setup

Facebook application

Android/iPhone application

Digital Marketing

Online Advertising

E-mail Marketing

Social Networks Management

domain registration

web hosting

company branding

video editing

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